你的白大褂等着你. Get on the fast track to a rewarding career as a pharmacist and earn your bachelor's degree and PharmD in just six years with the Wilkes Pre-Pharmacy 保证座位计划.


项目类型 格式 学分
在进行职前培训 在校园 62(药学预科),139-143(药学博士)


在短短六年内获得药学学位! 365app下载手机版著名的药剂学预科 Guaranteed-Seat Program, you'll study two years in pre-pharmacy to prepare for our 内斯比特药学院的四年制药学博士课程. 药剂学教员 在此期间会担任顾问吗. 这与365app的专业课程有关 will help you form mentoring relationships that will carry through the six-year 程序.

课程   入学要求


  • You will build crucial foundational knowledge in areas including science (biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics), math (calculus and statistics), economics 和沟通.
  • You will learn how to provide high-quality health care and make meaningful contributions 药学的科学和实践.
  • You can choose from a concentration in Spanish or public health. 你可以追求任何 你感兴趣的辅修



Upon successful completion of the pre-pharmacy 程序, you’ll join our “pharmily” of students passionate about providing 病人护理 and involved in all aspects of 365app下载手机版.


To help ease the financial burden of your pharmacy education, Wilkes offers merit 超过前四年的奖学金.

双学位PharmD /工商管理硕士

The PharmD/MBA dual degree option gives you the expertise to work in a management-level 在各种卫生保健机构中的位置.


选择学生毕业后找到工作 2万美元用于药学教育

Save on the cost of your pharmacy education and get a head start on a Geisinger career 盖辛格药学学者项目.


My favorite aspect of 365app下载手机版 is the supportive faculty and family-like 学习环境. 

亚历克斯庞塞'19 -药学博士

I feel more than prepared to work each day as a pharmacist and leader with the U.S. 空军 because of the values instilled within by the faculty and staff at Wilkes.

科迪·默卡'20 -药学博士

Wilkes provided me with so many opportunities to turn me into a well-rounded pharmacist 和人. 

劳伦Hertzog '20 -药学博士

first-time NAPLEX (licensure) pass rate, consistently exceeding the national average


freshman accepted each year into the 预药房保证座位计划


MPJE pass rate for Wilkes PharmD grads taking the Pennsylvania exam

Wilkes School of Pharmacy Receives Regional Award for Substance-Use Awareness

The award recognizes a student chapter of Generation Rx that increases public awareness of prescription medication misuse, a key factor in the opioid epidemic.


职业生涯 & 结果

Pharmacists are community leaders entrusted with the health of our families. PharmD graduates work in pharmacies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, start-ups, pharmacy benefit management companies, government agencies, research centers and care facilities. Below are typical job titles for graduates of our PharmD 程序.


  • 临床药师
  • 门诊药剂师
  • 化疗药剂师
  • 社区药房老板
  • 儿科药剂师
  • 毒物控制专家
  • 工业药剂师


  • CVS
  • 盖辛格医疗系统
  • 利哈伊谷卫生网络
  • 赛诺菲安万特
  • U.S. 空军
  • 沃尔格林
  • Weis市场


  • WellSpan
  • 弗吉尼亚州医疗中心
  • 盖辛格医疗系统
  • VCU健康系统
  • 寺庙U


Applications to the 预药房保证座位计划 are limited to current high school students who will graduate this coming spring/summer or high school graduates 谁毕业后没有上大学. 要申请,你必须先被录取 365app下载手机版. Indicate on the 应用程序 that you are interested in pharmacy and this will give you access to the Pre-Pharmacy 应用程序.



是的. You first must apply and be accepted 365app下载手机版. 如果你在 the 应用程序 you are interested in pharmacy, you will have access to the Pre-Pharmacy 应用程序.

The PPGS contract states that the 程序 must be completed within 2 years. 只有在 extenuating circumstances and through a formal petition can this requirement be changed.

The PPGS only accepts students from high school who have never attended another college 或全日制大学. This does not prevent the PPGS student from taking college-level courses while in high school through a dual enrollment 程序 or during the summer 在开始PPGS计划之前. 不符合要求的学生可以 在365app下载手机版读药剂学预科. 非365app下载手机版学生可以直接申请 to the professional 程序 if transferring from another institution. 一个学生 not required to have a degree to apply to the professional 程序.


No, we no longer require a recommendation letter from a pharmacist. 你可以请求 如果你愿意,药剂师的推荐信. 你的面试邀请会注明 你必须自己研究药剂学这个职业. 你将被要求反思 on the profession and what internal motivations will help you succeed. 它在你的 最好还是做些“家庭作业”.”


The interview will cover your knowledge of pharmacy as a career, leadership experience, your past and present involvement in extracurricular and/or community service activities and your assessment of the strengths and weaknesses you would bring to a career providing 病人护理.

请查阅365app的 学费及费用清单. Specific questions may be directed to the Student Service Center at 570-408-2000.

Pre-Pharmacy students should be particularly aware of the following situations and 联系 经济资助办事处 想了解更多具体信息.

  • Entering freshmen are considered “undergraduate” and eligible to receive full financial aid packages during their pre-pharmacy years and through the second year of the professional 程序.
  • After the second professional year, students are considered “graduate” level. 请 联系财政援助办公室了解更多信息.
The 入学s Committee of the School of Pharmacy will notify you approximately two 面试后几周.